Doll Needles by Dritz
Doll Needles by Dritz

Doll Needles by Dritz

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Sculpting the perfect doll is now convenient with the Dritz Doll Needles Assorted Sizes Pack.

The extra-long needles with elongated eyes are useful for basting layered fabrics together and make sculpting a doll’s facial features all the easier.

You can use these needles to work with a variety of threads or yarn in order to give varied textures.

Besides Doll making, these needles are great for quilting and other craft projects.

This package includes 5 needles of various sizes:
- 2 ct Long Darners 1 ( Doll Needle 3″) 1 x 76mm
- 2 ct Long Darners 2/0 (17) – 1.4 x 85mm
- 1 ct Long Darners 4/0 (15) – 1.9 x 95mm

Sizes:  2.5" to 3.75"
Color: Nickel 
Material: Nickel-Plated Steel
5 per package
Made in the Czech Republic