Home Sewing Machine (Stretch Chrome Professional Grade) Needles (130/705 H-S CF),  Various by SCHMETZ

Home Sewing Machine (Stretch Chrome Professional Grade) Needles (130/705 H-S CF), Various by SCHMETZ

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There is a new needle in town! Power Quilters, Embroidery Enthusiasts and Stitch Mavens are sewing faster and more intensely than ever. Schmetz Chrome Professional Grade is the perfect sewing partner!

Chrome-plated Stretch needle resists heat and wear. The needle stays cooler with less stitch distortion. The thread passes through the eye with less friction. Chrome allows the needle to penetrate through fabric with less resistance.

The SCHMETZ Stretch needle has a medium ball point, a smaller eye, and a deep scarf. The medium ball point, specially designed eye and scarf prevent skipped stitches.

Use these needles for elastic materials and on highly elastic knits especially if the fiber content includes Lycra®, Spandex or elastic.

Schmetz quality sewing machine needles have been manufactured to exacting standards since 1851. The choice of discriminating sewers worldwide, only Schmetz provides the uncompromising, consistent quality that produces the perfect stitch every time.

Material: Chrome plated
Point shape: Medium ballpoint
Needle Systems: 130/705 H-S CF. 


  • The special design helps to avoid skipped stitches.
  • The shank is flatter than on other needles with the same diameter. This means that the needle is closer to the hook, which also helps to avoid skipped stitches.
  • Special scarf
  • Shorter eye

Suitable Fabrics:

  • For elastic or highly elastic knitted fabric
  • The more elastic the material, the more suited the stretch needle is (if in doubt, use the stretch needle).
  • Swimwear fabrics
  • Fine jersey, silk jersey, single jersey, velour cloth
  • Cotton knitwear
Available Needle Sizes:
- 90/14
Package Options:
- Pack of 5 units