Needle Point Tracing Wheel

Needle Point Tracing Wheel

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A needle point tracing wheel is a tool used in sewing and patternmaking. It is used to transfer markings from one piece of fabric to another.

It consists of a wheel with a sharp needle point at the end, which is rolled across the fabric to make a line of indentations. These indentations are then used as a guide for cutting and sewing. The wheel can also be used to trace patterns onto fabric or to make pleats or tucks.

This pattern wheel can as well be used for quilting, making neckline and bust adjustments, transferring markings onto your patterns, and assisting in creating new patterns by tracing existing garments. The tracing wheel is best used on a flat, hard surface.

It is an essential item for anyone who works with fabric or patterns.

Material: Metal / Wood
Size-Dimension:  8" 
Weight: 1.9 oz.

- Wooden handle
- 8" long
- Use on a hard, flat surface