Premium Tulle Rolls -- Violet Color

Premium Tulle Rolls -- Violet Color

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Crafted with precision from diamond weave nylon netting, this 100% guaranteed Premium Tulle ribbon is not only affordable but also remarkably easy to use. Made in the USA from imported materials, it embodies the excellence you can trust.

Ideal for both decorating and gift packaging, our Tulle Ribbon adds a touch of sophistication to any project.

Its flange-free design, combined with various size options, allows for versatile applications. Whether you're creating intricate bows, enhancing floral arrangements, or adding flair to gifts, our Tulle Ribbon holds its shape flawlessly.

Key Features:

- Flange-free design for a clean, polished look
- Available in various sizes to suit your specific needs
- Holds its shape for lasting elegance
- Wrinkle-resistant for a professional finish every time

Our premium Tulle Ribbon is the perfect blend of quality and affordability. Elevate your creations with the exquisite touch of this versatile ribbon!


Color: Violet
Fiber Content: 100% Nylon Netting


Available Option: 

*** 6 inch x 25 yards