Soft & Bright, Needle Polyester Batting,    Baby Size Pack: 45 in x 60 in

Soft & Bright, Needle Polyester Batting, Baby Size Pack: 45 in x 60 in

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Soft & Bright is the most trusted polyester batting world-wide!

Soft & Bright consists of premium grade polyester fibers, needle-punched into a strong paper-thin base material that holds the fibers in place, keeping the batting even and consistent.

The high-quality polyester fiber is soft and fluffy to the touch. The evenly layered fibers of Soft & Bright will stay in place inside your quilt and Soft & Bright will keep its shape even after a lifetime of gentle washings. The thin base material holds the fiber in place preventing slipping making free motion quilting a breeze!

Top and backing fabric will cling to Soft & Bright as it is fed through your machine, making basting spray a thing of the past. Soft & Bright can be quilted or tied up to 10″ apart so you can finish quilts even faster!

Confidently use Soft & Bright in a hoop for embroidery and hand quilting without the worry of distorting. Machine wash and dry finished quilts without any shrinkage.

Soft & Bright is preferred for use in children’s quilts as they require more frequent washing and Soft & Bright quilts dry so quickly.

  • Will Not Separate or Bunch
  • Contains No Resins or Glues
  • Will Not Shift, Migrate or Beard
  • Quilt or Tie Leaving up to 10″ Open
  • Once Quilted, Machine Wash & Dry

Perfect for children’s quilts as it dries quickly.

Pre-Wash & Care Instructions

  • Note that this step is optional. You will experience no shrinkage.
  • Hand Wash with mild detergent. Do not agitate or spin in washer.
  • Soak for 20 minutes, rinse several times.
  • Squeeze out water. DO NOT WRING. Rolling in a towel helps.
  • Dry in a warm dryer or lay flat to air dry.
    Type:  Polyester Batting 
    Measures: 1 pack = 45 in  x 60 in
    Brand:  The Warm Company