The Knitting Bible, 2024 by Martha Wayne

The Knitting Bible, 2024 by Martha Wayne

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Would you like a true knitting master to teach this craft without even feeling like you are reading a book?

- You are completely new to knitting and want to learn this craft right from the start…
- You have some experience but lack ideas and mastery, and your work doesn’t turn out the way you want every time.
- You have been a lifelong knitter who wants a different perspective and to learn from a true master.

Check out what’s inside:
BOOK 1 --- Knitting Colorful Socks
BOOK 2 --- Knitting Colorful Hats
BOOK 3 --- Knitting Colorful Vests
BOOK 4 --- Knitting Colorful Shawls
BOOK 5 --- Knitting Animal Patterns

Also discover:
- Fundamentals of Knitting and what you have to know before you even start?
- What tools do you need to get started – you don’t have to spend a fortune!
- Different knitting styles, and how to find out which one fits you best?
- Are you left-handed? This chapter is for you!
- Over 10 different stitches to help you create the most beautiful pieces of art
- How to get good fast and skip all the trial-and-error experience?
- Different knitting techniques for different kinds of projects you like

It doesn’t matter if this is your first try or if you consider yourself and knitting master. This book will serve you regardless! So take it, read it, and take action on it. Become a True Master Knitter!